Patrick Shaffer is a San Francisco, Bay Area based audio engineer and producer. He grew up playing a variety of musical instruments, which led to his attending the Chillicothe Recording Workshop in Southern Ohio, where he studied audio engineering on a wide variety of both digital and analog platforms. After completing the main program, along with several of the advanced programs, Patrick went into retail, working for Sam Ash in the Pro-Audio and Keyboards department. It was here, that along with learning a wide variety of live sound and studio equipment, he fell in love with synthesizers. A decade of collecting and using a multitude of modern and vintage equipment has led to a unique sound and extensive knowledge of gear, both in theory and in practice.

After creating years of work for live performance and personal listening, Patrick attended the highly acclaimed Pyramind production school in San Francisco, where he further developed his skills in music theory, audio engineering, electronic music production, audio for video, sound design, and audio for video games. After completion of the main and advanced programs, Patrick began interning and assisting for one of the stellar members of the Pyramind faculty, David Earl. Working with David, one of the foremost users of the Apple made DAW LogicPro, Patrick further developed his already high skill set with the software. As David's assistant, Patrick edited MacPro Videos, created sound design assets for iOS platform games, ran point for artist co-ordination, and provided live sound reinforcement.

In addition to music, Patrick also works extensively on audio for film. After boom-operation for the feature film "No-one Will Know," he has gone on to work with many of the talented SF Bay Area film makers, filling such rolls as audio post-production, sound mixer, sound designer, and composer.

Currently employed as an in-house Sound Engineer at The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA, Patrick is doing production and post-production sound work for their film department, as well as taking on free-lance jobs in the film and music industry. He has worked on a wide variety of video productions, ranging from narrative films to documentary films, from live sporting events for ESPN to recording interviews with fortune 500 CEOs and United States Senators.